Diamond Dazzling is a company built on years of experience, exceptional customer service and the ability to provide our customer base with a huge selection of top quality diamonds and jewelry.

The Diamond Dazzling family includes diamond experts as well as precious stone and metal experts. For years we've been in the jewelry industry and are now working to provide all we offer online as well.

Not only do we carry the latest trends but we also manufacture custom pieces which means you get the dealer price! With years of custom creations under our belts as well, we're able to offer you the option to truly get what your heart desires.

Growing in this industry has also given us the understanding of simplifying gift giving. We know how difficult it is to choose a gift, let alone order, receive and gift wrap it! Not to mention gift wrapping fees and extra shipping fees?

Forget all that! At Diamond Dazzling your most difficult decision is what to get!

We're constantly improving the website to provide you with a smooth shopping experience.

We save you the gift wrapping headache and fees by giving you a free gift box per item.

We offer several free shipping options.

We do NOT charge sales tax outside NY.

AND we offer online gift certificates too! So, if you're unsure what to get or don't have the recipient's mailing address, you can always opt for a gift certificate which will be emailed with a code directly to your recipient!

Yup! That's Diamond Dazzling for yah!

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